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Want Her Dress is for the woman who enjoys following fashion but who adds her own individuality and loves others to admire her style.  Looking for Dresses, Tops, Skirts, Jeans & Trousers, Jackets, Shoes and Accessories all fashionably clicked!

different Female body shapes

If someone asked would you be able to identify what body shape am I?  If you can't then you're in good company over 60% of women would not be able to either!  Understanding more about our body shape is a key to empowerment.

Why - that's easy if you know your shape and follow the guidelines about how to dress for your body shape you'll instinctively flatter the bits of your body you love and gloss over the bits you would rather weren't there!... Don't worry we've all got them!

Learn more about your body shape as we launch the first chapter of our journey to help women to embrace their shape.

Here at Want Her Dress we identify 4 female body shapes.

Apple shaped body

Pear shaped body

Hour glass shaped body

Athletic shaped body

Inverted triangle shaped 

To see what female body shape you are and what clothes would help you look your best check out ths site.

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